Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Young, Beautiful Bride, Older, Rich Groom?

This week's Wedding Wednesday photo features the most beautiful young bride.  She is tall, willowy, ethereal and as she gazes off into the distance I do not believe she looks happy. Her groom is much older, nearly bald and I would guess he was probably wealthy to acquire such a beautiful young bride.  Her body language is very telling - note the way her fingers are barely touching his arm.  I could be wrong, but I don't think this young woman was looking forward to her wedding night!

Her dress is beautiful in its simplicity, there is no fussiness except for perhaps the small adornment of roses in her hair.  She does not appear to be wearing any jewelry yet she manages to look elegant and  graceful.  Her new husband, although seated, appears to be shorter than his wife.  He is wearing a plain, dark suit with small boutonniere.

The photographer was Ludwig F. Hammer, Jr. who had a studio at 1534 So. Broadway in St. Louis, MO.  Ludwig was born in Missouri in July 1867 to Carl Anton and Elizabetha Krieg Hammer, German emmigrants.  In 1896 he married Augusta Hammin and they had two children William B. and Nellie C. twins born in 1893.  Since the children's birth date is before the marriage date it is possible these were children from a first marriage of Ludwig's.  Ludwig had his studio at the South Broadway address from at least 1895 - 1908 according to City Directory listings on  Ludwig Hammer died in 1912.

Several things in the cabinet card give me reason to date this card right around the turn of the century; the bride's dress, the make and color of the card and the photographer's imprint with foil-like treatment. My belief is very early 1900's although it could possibly be the last couple of years in the 1890's, but most likely between 1900-1905.  


  1. Yeah, that groom looks like a barrel of laughs.

  2. What a lovely young bride - her dress is exquisite. You're right on with the body language - she's doesn't look happy to be with him. They look so mismatched.

  3. She really is a beautiful bride. And if all you surmise about her was true, then this really was a sad day for her.

  4. My first thought when I saw this photo was that she looks tall and the groom looks short - which could be why he's sitting and she's standing.

    My next thought was how beautiful she is and what a lovely dress she is wearing.

  5. Some of your information regarding Ludwig Hammer may be inaccurate. There were two Ludwig F. Hammer's, but one was a Jr. The elder was born in Germany and died in 1921. The son took over his father's portrait studio in 1890, so that senior Hammer could start and run the very successful Hammer Dry Plate Co. It is however true that the Jr. died before his father. Sorry to correct, but just wanted to make sure the history was accurate! Thanks for sharing!


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