Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - 1890's Milwaukee, WI Couple (Victorian Era)

This attractive young couple are identified on the back as Max and Lizzie.  They posed for photographer Wollensak of Milwaukee in the 1890's for their wedding photo.  The bride is quite lovely and trim in her white dress. and her dress has just the right amount of frills, but is still elegant.

Wollensak was William Wollensak who had studios at 450 and 500 National Avenue.  He was born in Germany 17 Jun 1851 and died in Milwaukee 3 Jan 1922.  He is buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee (FindAGrave).

Monday, September 17, 2018

Mystery Monday - Unknown Civil War Era Couple in Trenton, NJ (Victorian Era)

This couple sat for photographer Moses in Trenton, NJ between 1864 - 66 as evidenced by the revenue stamp on the back of the photograph.  As is so often seen they are unidentified and it is left to the viewer to imagine who they might be and what life they may have lived.  They are sharply dressed; the wife in a military style dress, the husband in a common suit for the times.

The photographer is Morris Moses, born in England 16 Jul 1826.  Married in Trenton in 1855 to Ellen Wisey.  Listed in Trenton censuses between 1850 - 1880 listed as a photographer.  He died on 11 Dec 1891 and is buried in Riverview Cemetery (FindAGrave).

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tintype Tuesday - 1860's Woman With Three Young Children (Victorian Era)

This 1860's tintype is of a mother and her three children.  She is sitting with two daughters who look to be about a year apart in age and one son who couldn't sit still for the photo as apparent by the blur.  Her sweet-faced daughters are wearing identical dresses with white lace collars and the son is wearing black pants and white shirt with a lacy collar as well.  Mom is wearing a typical serviceable dress for the time frame.  She looks to be a very proud mother.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Fashionable Friday - 1864 - 65 New York City Woman by Famed Photographer Bogardus

This young woman sat for her photograph between 1864 - 1865 for famed photographer Abraham Bogardus of New York City.  An early pioneer of photography, Bogardus went to New York in 1837 to learn Daguerreotypy  from G.  W. Prosch.  Within a short time of opening his own studio he was giving up to eighty sitting or more a week.  Eventually the paper photograph replaced the Daguerreotype and Bogardus moved his gallery to Broadway and Franklin to meet the demand.  The popularity of the Carte-de-Visite (CDV) was such that he kept three skylights busy and delivered hundreds of CDV's per day.

This young woman is seated for her photo and is wearing a military style dress.  I love the trim on her bodice, forearms and epaulats.  We know the date of the sitting by the revenue stamp on the back of the photo.  She is unidentified.

For more information on Abraham Bogardus please check out this website:  Alphonsegallery

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - 1890's (Victorian Era) Belleville, IL Bride and Groom

This interesting 1890's Cabinet Card shows how many brides did not wear white, but instead wore serviceable dresses that could be worn again and  again for many other occasions.  This lovely bride is wearing a most likely dark brown or black dress, but with the typical white headdress with white flowers you see so often in this time period. The subjects in this photograph are unidentified.

The photographer is Frederick B. Merkel of Belleville, IL who was born 3 Mar 1851 in Belleville to German immigrants, Phillip and Elizabeth Merkel.  He practiced his craft in Belleville between 1880 to at least 1910 when he moved to West Palm Beach, FL.  He died on 27 Feb 1930.  I have published one other photograph for this photographer  - see here:
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