Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tintype Tuesday - Two Winsome Tykes

Today's tin type shows two adorable young children, a boy and a girl, most likely siblings although the boy looks to me like he could have some Indian blood. They are each seated, the girl in front on perhaps a small stool, the boy behind her on what appears to be a fringed chair. She has the sweetest face and is wearing a dark dress with perhaps polka dots or small flowers. She is also wearing a chain around her neck with a cross.

The boy, who has such soulful eyes, is dressed in a boy's suit with knee-length pants.  He is leaning on her chair and has one leg crossed over the other.  This tin type is very dark and I have tried lightening it up to be able to see the details. I'm not really good with dating children's clothing, but if I had to guess a date, due to the painted backdrop, I would say mid to late 1880's, however, because of the fringed chair it could be earlier than that even 1870's.  These children and the photographer are both unidentified as well as the location.

1 comment:

  1. Does the darkness of the backdrop help date the picture? I can't recall seeing many or any pictures this dark.


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