Thursday, August 23, 2012

Those Places Thursday - Crossdoney Cottage, Whitby, Ontario 1909

I came across this photograph of a house and on the back is written, "Crossdoney Cottage, Whitby, Ontario, Taken Sept. 15th, 09."   Whitby is located in Southern Ontario on the north shore of Lake Ontario and named after the seaport town of Whitby, Yorkshire, England.  Whitby's chief asset was it's fine harbour on Lake Ontario. 

Crossdoney is a village in County Cavan in Ireland - it is also the name of a railway station in County Cavan. I do not know where Crossdoney Cottage is located in Whitby, Ontario but I assume it was named after Crossdoney, Ireland. From the picture it seems a typical home with red brick, lace curtains in the windows, nice front porch and there even appears to be a grandmother sitting there waiting to welcome you!  I wish I knew the story behind this picture.

Source:  Wikipedia

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