Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Women with Hats - Young Woman in Champaign, IL

This cabinet card of a stylish young woman in Champaign, IL is quite a mystery.  She is unidentified and I cannot find anything on the photographer, "Holland."  He seems to not exist anywhere.  There are a number of Hollands in Champaign around the time frame I believe this was taken but they all worked in the furnace industry.

I believe this photograph to have been taken in the late 1880's, probably 1887 or a little later. Our subject is wearing a dress with a fitted bodice and most definitely a bustle although it is a little difficult to see.  She appears to be wearing the tight curls so fashionable in the 1880's and possibly short hair or at least pulled back in a bun, both also popular.  The type of hat she is wearing is hard to see and describe, but it has a large sprig of flowers on the top.  She is also wearing a lacy neck scarf and pearl earbobs.  Too bad we will probably never know who she was.

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  1. What do you make of the tree and wheat? That seems like an odd combination of items from nature. Were outdoor scenes the new trend?


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