Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashionable Friday - Trio of Lovely Wisconsin Lasses

This cabinet card shows three young, unidentified women from Rice Lake, Wisconsin who I believe are sisters from their very similar facial features.  The uneven scallops on the card edges date the card anywhere from the late 1880's to the mid 1890's, but other things about this card make me believe it to be dated around 1890 - 1893. The women are all similarly dressed in dark clothing very typical of the early 1890's. Their hairstyles seem to be more of the late 1880's fashion, but I still have to believe with the style of the dresses, particularly the puffing up of the sleeves that my estimate is close.

The photographer was T. H. Webster of Rice Lake, Wis., but I had no luck finding anything out about him.

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