Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashionable Friday - Young Civil War Era Woman from Milwaukee, WI

This week's Fashionable Friday photograph features a CDV (Carte de Visite) from 1864 -1866 taken in Milwaukee, WI by photographer A. Marquis, Jr.  

The subject is identified as "Louisa" and unfortunately there is no last name given.  She appears to be in her teens and is seated in a chair leaning on a table.  She is wearing a dress with long sleeves, fitted at the waist with a belt and it has an unusual soutache like trim complete with a tie at the neck.  Miss Louisa is quite sweet and fashionable indeed!

I had very little luck finding information on the photographer.  I did find the below in the Milwaukee 1861 City Directory and again in the 1878 Directory, but found no mention of him (or her) in the cencus.  I had no luck Googling him as well.  The revenue stamp on the reverse gives us the date of 1864 - 1866.

Milawaukee City Directory 1861


  1. The trim gives the dress almost a cowgirl look to it.
    {I've looked around your website for an email address and don't see one, so I'll post my question here: Do you know anything about the Star photography studio in Shenandoah, VA?}

    1. Wendy, thanks for reminding me that I keep meaning to add an email address to my site!!

      I do not know anything about the Star Photography Studio. I am assuming you have Googled them? And their is no photographer's name? Sometimes there is just no trace of some of the photographers or the studios without doing major detective work.


    2. Yes, I've Googled Star and there is nothing. I have found another studio, but not this one. It's possible one bought the other, but there is no mention of it.


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