Sunday, March 3, 2013

Women with Hats - 1890's Hopkinton, Iowa Woman Seated in Wicker Chair

Ca 1895 Hopkinton, Iowa Woman with Large Hat
This young woman from Hopkinton, Iowa with the extremely large hat sat for photographer MacArthur sometime in the 1890's, most likely around 1895 +- a year or so.   She is  wearing a dark colored dress with the obligatory large sleeves of the era and if you look closely on her lap around the knee area she appears to be holding a fur hand muff.  She is sitting in a white wicker chair which was a common photographer's prop in the 1890's.

Her hat, her glorious hat from what I can tell, is made out of fabric, both light and dark and has feathery white puffs as well as real feathers sticking out of the top.  I almost thought that there was an artificial black bird on the front, but I am not convinced that is what it is, it may just be dark fabric.

Initial research did not give me any insight on the identify of the photographer.


  1. She's probably holding on to the chair so that she doesn't topple over from the weight of the hat! I like the unusual pose and angle; looking back over her shoulder.

  2. Some hats did have stuffed real birds..great find...a real fun photo:)


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