Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tintype Tuesday - Two Young 1860's Brothers

Look at these two cuties from the 1860's; two little blonde brothers dressed nearly identically and staring at the photographer with such serious faces.  I am guessing that they were about three and five years old and it appears the older brother moved while the photo was being taken as his facial features are a little blurred. 

Unknown 1860's Civil War era brothers
I always have such difficulty dating photos with children, but according to Victoriana Magazine "by the 1860's boys were sporting a new style of trousers called knickerbockers. These wide leg pants fastened below the knee and oftentimes were worn with a matching vest and jacket. The jacket had a cutaway front with a single fastening at the neck, exposing the buttoned vest beneath." I'm not sure of the significance of the chain and charm, but the goal was for the boy to wear a suit resembling his father's so one can guess this was to assume the appearance of a pocketwatch.

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  1. I'm glad you explained the pocket watch-lookalike. The boys do look like little men though.


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