Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashionable Friday - 1860s New Bedford, MA Woman - Military Style Dress

Unknown New Bedford, MA woman ca 1864-69

This week's Fashionable Friday features a young Civil War era woman from New Bedford, Massachusetts  wearing a military style hoop dress.    I believe the military style is my favorite of the 1860 dresses.  I love the strong contrast of the trim and buttons against the fabric, in this case the dark trim against probably white or off-white silk. The detail on her sleeves is unique as well and she also has the lacy undersleeves.  Additionally she is sporting a flat bow at her neckline.

The photographer was M. Smith of No. 134 1/2 Union St. in New Bedford.  This was actually Morris Smith who was reported to have been active at this address as a daguerreian between 1849 - 1860 and remained active in New Bedford as a photographer until the 1880's according to Craig Cameras.

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  1. The sleeve detail is truly beautiful and rather complex.


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