Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Faces From the Past - Handsome Civil War Era Buffalo, NY Couple

Geneabloggers has a weekly prompt on Fridays called Friday's Faces From the Past that is right up my alley and this week I bring you a very attractive, but unidentified Civil War era couple.  This husband and wife, and I say husband and wife with much certainty because the wife is most definitely pregnant, posed for photographer R. H, Cline of 154 (Old No. 86) Batavia St. Buffalo, NY.  Cline was Richard H. Cline who was known to have operated a studio in Buffalo between 1862 and 1873.

Unknown 1860's Buffalo, NY couple


  1. Oh wow - I'm surprised that a pregnant woman would have a photo made. I always thought people kept themselves hidden.

    1. You don't see a lot of pregnant women in photos but I've come across a few. I don't think they hid as much as we think.

  2. Perhaps it was their way to announce the good news to distant relatives?


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