Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Beautiful 1920s Newark, NJ Bride

Unknown 1920s Newark NJ Bride

This beautiful young bride from the 1920's had her photograph taken by Silver & Steinberg located at Springfield & 15th Aves. in Newark, NJ.  She is wearing a white wedding gown with a scooped neck and sheer sleeves.  I love her bridal  cap with the Greek-like floral arrangement and the veil/headdress with the unusual trim along the edges.  She is wearing a pearl necklace and is holding a large bouquet of red roses and white carnations. She seems to be very young, probably a teenager.  I wish we could have seen a picture of her groom.

I found a few other pictures taken by the same studio, but had no luck finding any further information on the photographers.  This photograph was placed and preserved in a decorative Art Deco style folder, which although a bit stained, has held up over the years and is still very attractive.


  1. She does look so very young. A smile of a little kid with still some baby fat around the face. Almost looks as if she's playing dress-up.

  2. She looks very young..but happy! Lovely veil:)

  3. A smile! And teeth! It must be a new era in wedding photography.

  4. My first thought too -that is a very young bride, but it's a beautiful picture.

  5. I realize this is an older post, but I'm going to post this anyway! While at a 'junk store' outside of Richmond yesterday, I found a bunch of photographs- wedding, portraits, First Communion and school pictures!- by Silver & Steinberg! All are in excellent condition and are of the same family! I'm not sure how these pictures came to be in Richmond, but it is clear that they were treasured at one time. Of course, I brought them home!

    Love your blog- you're definitely a woman after my own heart!


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