Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tin Type Tuesday - 1880's Woman - Who Is She?

This 1880's tin type with paper sleeve shows a attractive young woman with a serene look on her face.  She is wearing typical 1880 garb and hairstyle.  At her throat is a pin that is seen commonly in the 1880's.  Her left arm is resting on a photographer' chair.  Her dress is interesting with the dark stripes down the front of the bodice.  I wonder what she was thinking about as she posed.


  1. She did a good job on her hair creating curls to frame her entire face. In so many pictures the curls were just in the middle like a little clip-on afterthought. However, she looks like she's been hypnotized and she doesn't look comfortable in that pose.

  2. This is a neat one! For some reason, it doesn't look as old as it is. Ahead of her time?

    Thanks so much for the visit, Teresa.

    Kathy M.


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