Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tintype Tuesday - Beautiful 1870's Woman

This lovely young lady posed for the photographer for this tintype most likely in the 1870's.  She is sitting in the typical fringed chair of the era.  She has her hair pulled back in a rather severe fashion and it is difficult to tell what is on the top of her head but it appears to be a bow or other hair accessory.  She is wearing ear-bobs, necklace an rings on her right hand.  The top of her dress seems to be quite fitted with beautiful frilled neckline and cuffs, and I am not sure if the dress has a bustle, but I am guessing that it does.  She appears to be holding something in her left hand, but I cannot tell what it is.

Due to the high, quite decorative neckline I believe this photo to have been take in the mid to late 1870's.  Unfortunately as is most often the case with tintypes, both the subject and the photographer are unidentified.


  1. Isn't she pretty! I'm intrigued with what's in her hand and hope someone comes along with the answer. How about a bonnet? But if that's the bonnet ribbon, it seems rather wide and heavy. Likewise it looks too bulky to be a purse.

    1. I have played with the photo, enlarging, adjusting the light, contract and color and cannot tell what she is holding. It almost looks like another piece of furniture like the back of a chair, but I don't think so. Mystery.

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