Monday, July 2, 2012

Military Monday - WWI Sailor? and Wife ca 1918

This real photo postcard shows what I believe is a WWI sailor and and wife posing for the camera.  This appears to be the type of uniform sailors wore during WWI.  The couple is mostly unidentified except for their first names which are found on the back where it says, "To Grandmother, From Ruth and Harvey." 

WWI began in July of 1914 and lasted until November 1918.  This particular type of postcard was produced by AZO and as evidenced by the photo stamp box on the back was produced between 1918 and 1930.  It is possible that it was taken in 1918, possibly at the end of the war.  Unfortunately, since it was not postmarked and mailed, I cannot be certain.

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  1. The pose is interesting with each having one leg propped up.


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