Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - 1890 Newly Married Iowa Couple

This week I bring you yet another young couple photographed by G. G. Oyloe of Ossian, IA.  In fact, this is the fourth cabinet card by this photographer I have posted.  This week's unidentified couple are posed in two different types of chairs, which frankly from my point of view, is a little odd.  Both are leaning their elbows on the bride's fringed, velvet posing chair.  The bride, all in white, appears to be leaning slightly forward and the groom is sitting back with legs crossed; both are expressionless.  Looking closely I see that the bride is wearing her wedding ring on the middle finger of her right hand.  The groom is wearing his on the pinkie finger of his right hand which I have seen on a prior groom from Ossian, perhaps this was the style or local tradition.

In dating this photograph at about 1890, I knew that the photographer had a studio in Ossian between 1880- 1910.  I narrowed it down further by using  the beveled edges of the card (1885 - 1895), the groom's suit with only the top button buttoned (1885 - 1890), the trailing flower vine on the bride's headdress (1890-1900) and finally the foil stamped imprint which was introduced around 1890.  I find it interesting that out of the four cabinet cards I have posted by Oyloe, which are all in a five year period, all were printed on different style cards.  I have yet another photo of his that I will share next week that is printed on yet another type of card.


  1. The ring placement is unusual to me, but as you said, maybe that was the way then. I wonder if the ring had belonged to his or her mother or somebody, and it just fit better on the middle finger. The bride's hands look rather big, actually about the same size as the groom's hands. Man hands (to quote Seinfeld)?

    1. I think I either posted another picture where the bride is wearing a ring on her middle finger or I have it in my collection. It just seems odd to me but who knows?

  2. I really love this post and the way it made me pay even greater attention to the details in pictures! Am offering you the Libster Blog Award and I hope that you'll aqccept and play the game:) Here's the link:


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