Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sepia Saturday #160 - 1890's Wagon Team

This is my entry for this week's Sepia Saturday theme dealing with wagons.  I know very little about this photograph, it measures about 10" x 12" and at the bottom in ink is written "Harvey Thomas - Team + wagons.  There is not photographer or location.  Dating is hard, if I had to give a date I would guess maybe 1890's.

It appears the wagons may be carrying bags of flour but that is only a guess.  See close up below:

For more wagon rides, wheel on over to Sepia Saturday!


  1. This looks like a nice historic picture. But it would be even nicer to know the story behind it. I'm sorry but I am afraid I can't help you.

  2. Must've been a heavy load, whatever it was. 8 horses and 3 wagons. Serious business!

  3. A lovely old photograph. So much unknown history in one photo!

  4. A super photo, Teresa, but I think it is wheat not flour. Wheat was put into sacks and hauled by wagons like this in the Pacific NW. Compare your wagons with this page about two thirds down.

    Also this one from a paper on agriculture in Oregon. It's a very similar set of wagons.

    1. I thought from the frame on this photo it was dated in the 1890's but from this link perhaps it is dated a little later.

  5. They are nice photos, but as far as what's inside, possibly flour, but maybe a grain or oats. I've been to a few museums where they show so many different kinds of sacks and bags like that, and often if it's coffee or flour they had a name stamped on them. But these appear blank, from what we can see! But, very nice to share either way!

  6. I think the first pairs of horses have been unhooked from their wagons. Fine photos.

  7. Wonderful image and I think Mike Brubaker has it in one.

  8. It is indeed a fine historical picture. Don't the drivers look young - and serious about their job?

  9. I am glad that Mike said that, because it looks like a supply train to me. They would take supplies to logging camps, perhaps gold miners, and most likely to smaller towns.

    Great pictures, they are very clear.

    Kathy M.

  10. Two wonderful wagon train photos. Now what are you going to do when the theme for wagon trains comes up?


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