Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Two 1890's Women with Hats - Tintype

This week's Women with Hats features a tintype of two 1890's women posing behind what appears to be a gate of some sort and a chair - a very odd posing set up.  The one on the right is wearing a white dress with large ruffles on the bodice and typical 1890's style hat.  She is also wearing fingerless mitts.  The woman on the left is wearing a dark straight skirt with striped ruffled blouse.  Her hat is  plain, dark and unadorned, I'm not sure what this style of hat is called, I need to do some research.

Of course, as is usual with tintypes, both the subjects and the photographer are unidentified.


  1. Their dresses, while looking so different, appear to have been made from the same pattern. And yes, a gate AND a chair? They don't even seem to go together.

  2. I agree with Wendy's observation, the gate AND chair are odd. It doesn't look like an indoor studio, so perhaps one of those traveling photographers set up near the rail station. Interesting girls though.

  3. It looks as though they couldn't make up their minds. Or perhaps couldn't agree; one wanted a gate, one a chair. It does make the picture more interesting though.


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