Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - One More by Photographer G. G. Oyloe, Ossian, IA

One more by G. G. Oyloe who I have mentioned in four previous wedding posts. This week's photograph is yet another style cabinet card for Oyloe - notice the back imprint on the card. It is rather unusual with a scalloped border, several birds, flowers, butterflies, and a spider web complete with spider!

The unidentified bride and groom on the front are both wearing dark clothing, the groom in this case is wearing a longer coat, but still has only the top button buttoned.  The bride's dress has an unusual detail with darker triangular patches along the bottom of the skirt.  Instead of a headdress she is wearing a white flower band on her head and has a long white scarf tied around her neck.  I've seen this style before and want to believe this was some kind of ethnic adornment.  I'm dating this late 1880's about 1889 +- one year.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, I like her dress and flowers. Judged by their appearances they might be Scandinavian. Or Eastern-European. Notice the end of her scarf with the beads.


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