Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Unusual 1920's (Art Deco Era) Troy, New York Newlyweds

I don't even know where to start with this photograph of an 1920's newlywed couple posing with the maid-of-honor and best man.  There is certainly a lot to look at in this wedding photo taken by The Lloyd Studio of Troy, NY.  Both women are elaborately dressed, but obviously the woman on the left is the bride as she is wearing the most unusual headdress with a filmy train and lace arm mitts.  The detail is so stunning on both women's dresses and shows up quite clearing in the photo.  The bride is also wearing what appears to be her wedding rings on her right hand.  The woman on the right is wearing a beautiful headpiece made out of what appears to be pearls with Art Nouveau tones.  These were usually popular in the early to mid-1920's.  Both women are wearing pearl necklaces, also popular in that time frame.  I find it interesting that their bouquets appear to be almost equal in size, I would think the bride's would be larger.

The groom and best man are dressed nearly identically in dark suits in suits with small boutonnieres and holding white gloves.  Notice that both have their hands on the shoulders of the woman in front of them.  The man on the right has a most unusual hairstyle!  I do believe the groom has a rather dour look on his face.

The photographer was Alexander Lloyd born September 1869 in New York to parents Alexander and Mary Lloyd..  In the 1920 Troy Ward 1, Rensselaer, New York census he is married to wife Mary with a son James B. I found this ad in the February 23, 1920 edition of The Troy Times listing his address at 44 Third Street:

The Troy Times, 23 Feb 1920


  1. Very interesting. Is it possible it was a double wedding?

  2. If you think the groom was dour, then he looks well-suited to his bride.

    I have recently rediscovered a wedding portrait of a woman we had always assumed was our great-grandmother. She appears to be dressed similarly to this bride, with legs and shoes exposed. Since she was widowed in 1905, married again in 1906, and widowed again in 1918, I doubt it is her if this style is of the 1920s. Now I have to wonder who my bride is.

  3. I thought double wedding too because of the symmetry of the two couples. If the couple on the right were bridesmaid and best man, shouldn't they be arranged outside of the bride and groom's center position? All four have a look that says,"Oh Gosh, this is really it! What have I done?"


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