Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - 1920's (Art Deco Era) Bride from Pottstown, PA

Look at this lovely 1920's bride who was photographed on her wedding day by Santangelo of Pottstown, PA.  I don't know anything about her, but she made a beautiful bride in her long white gown and beautiful  headdress with with the long, lacy train.  This photo is framed in an elegant 6 1/2 x 9' cardboard folder.    I have cut it down to make it easier to see the lovely bride.

The photographer was Antone (Tony) Santangelo (1879 - ?) who  lived and worked for many years in Pottstown. He married Edith Maud Ormee on 5 Jan 1909.  He and his wife both worked as   photographers in his photography studio according to the 1920 Pottstown Ward 3, Montgomery Co, PA census. 


  1. It is interesting to note how different her bouquet is from most of the other brides we've seen. It looks like tied ribbons with the flowers...I wonder if there was a significance to it?

  2. That gown must have been gorgeous - what a picture that would be from the back as she walked down the aisle. But those huge bouquets brides carried back then seem unwieldy.

  3. She Looks Really Happy & Proud!

  4. What a bouquet! It must have been heavy! I love her veil and train..great old photo:)


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