Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Elegant 1920's Chicago Newlyweds

Unknown couple, Avondale Photo Studio,
2987 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Today's bride and groom are another example of the elegant photography of the 1920's. This photograph was taken by the Avondale Photography Studios located at 2987 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Ill.  There were a large number of photography studios on Milwaukee Avenue during this era and the area surrounding the route was associated with many ethnicities including a large Polish population.  

While the bride's dress is difficult to see, her headdress is unique, almost cap-like and instead of a train it wraps around her like a lace shawl.  I may not be describing this correctly, but it is quite lovely.  She is holding a large bouquet of white roses and other flowers with trailing ribbons.  The groom is very dashing is his tux and I like his casual pose with his hand in his pocket.  All in all, I would say they look very happy.

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  1. I love this one! I agree that they look happy. They also look very self confident. This is a great one.


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