Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tintype Tuesday - Two Women Show Off Their Long Hair

Beautiful long hair was considered a woman's crowning glory in the 1800's and this is very evident in today's tintype which features two women  proudly showing of their very very long, dark-colored hair. This photo seems to have been well thought out as each woman is wearing a white dress to best accentuate her hair.  I like how the photographer has posed these women, one sitting and one standing, each with their hair over their shoulder down the front.

It appears that these women are related from their facial features, and I believe they were most likely mother and daughter.  I had real trouble dating this photo.    My feeling is that it was probably taken late 1870's to early 1880's, however I could be wrong.  


  1. I enjoyed this one..what an accomplishment! Their hair is really long..I wonder if they were going to get haircuts:)

  2. Recently I came across cabinet photos of a group of sisters who were early vaudeville theater entertainers (1870-1890) and were noted for their exceptionally long hair. It was down to their knees and ankles and they were photographed like this. Their performance may have been only to let their hair down.


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