Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Young 1900's Couple from St. Louis

This young couple had their wedding photo taken by photographer J. Haas whose studio was located at 7117 A. So. Broadway, St. Louis.  He was Jacob Haas who operated a studio at 7115 1/2 Broadway for a number of years until probably about 1906 - 1907 when he moved to the 7117 A. So Broadway location.  I wanted to date this photograph earlier, probably about 1900, but will call it 1907.

The brides's white dress is simple, yet seems to fit her stature.  She has a beautiful headdress of roses and lace but her corsage almost seems too large for her bodice.  The groom is elegant in his simple dark suit and is also wearing a large corsage because I wouldn't call it a boutonniere.  He is also wearing white gloves.


  1. Lovely wedding photo, but yes, her corsage and his boutonniere are just huge!

  2. What a handsome couple. I wonder if even THEY thought the corsages were too big.


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