Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tintype Tuesday - Two 1870's Tintypes - Same Young Woman?

These two tintypes were purchased in a group of photos from the same vendor and I believe them to be of the same young woman.  I have examined them at length and although there are some slight differences  such as she appears to be wearing dark gloves in the second photo and the dress appears slightly different which could mean that perhaps the photos were taken on a different day.  I estimate that these photos were taken sometime between 1872 and 1875 but as always I reserve my right to be wrong!  At any rate, she is a lovely young woman, so serious and reflective in her poses.  I wish I knew who she was and what she was thinking.



  1. I'm not fully convinced they're the same woman. The girl on the right has a fuller upper lip than the one on the left. Plus the sleeve on the right has a ruffle near the shoulder that I don't see on the left dress. If it's the same girl, it must be a different year as the one on the right looks younger. Beautiful hair!

  2. I think it's a very close resemblance, Teresa. But I agree with Wendy that the right photo is the younger (or older in history). There is a theatrical quality about the woman and her pose too.


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