Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Exquisite 1920's (Art Deco Era) New York City Bride

What can say about this stunning 1920's New York City bride.  She is a vision of bridal perfection. Her dress is so beautiful and ethereal, but what is amazing is if you look closely, her dress is actually a short sleeved, light shift almost like a chemise. This seems to be a common theme in the 1920's and they were all so beautiful.  There is much more to the veil it seems than the dress.  The wrap-around headdress is magnificent with its pearl beading. She is also wearing a long pearl necklace and note her full length lacy gloves. 

Unfortunately, this beautiful bride is unidentified which is quite sad; she is probably someone's mother, grandmother or great-grandmother and I'm sure they would love to have this photograph.

The photographer was Speiss of 54 Second Avenue, New York.  His technique was excellent in the softness he applied to her face; she is truly a  bride for the ages.


  1. This is my favorite period for brides with those magnificent veils and enormous bouquets. This bride is truly exceptional. I'd like to think that gown has been preserved somewhere. But if no one saved this photo, they likely didn't save the dress either.

  2. I agree, there's an elegance that isn't seen today. You are so right; it is sad that this has been discarded as I'm sure the dress was long ago.


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