Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Stunning 1924 Chicago, ILL Couple

1924 Chicago Wedding Couple
I recently purchased a large lot of wedding photographs from the early 1900's, most were taken in Chicago and all seemed to be studios located on Milwaukee Avenue.  I tried to do a some research as to why this particular location housed so many photography studios, but could find no real answer.  I suspect however that this was a Polish neighborhood.  This photograph of a very attractive unidentified bride and groom was taken in 1924 by Polonia Studios located at 1029 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago.  I did not find any information on the studio, but the word "Polonia" refers to people of Polish origin who live outside Poland (according to Wikipedia) so this supports my theory.  In addition, the white sign at the groom's feet is in a foreign language and I am guessing it is Polish.   I  am not sure what is says, perhaps the name of the bride and groom and it is where I got the 1924 date.  Perhaps one of my readers will be able to translate for me.  

The bride is quite beautiful in her white dress with long train and her headdress is quite spectacular as well.  It looks like a hat with a long veil.  The groom is also very dashing in his dark suit and he is holding a pair of white gloves.  There are two large bouquets of flowers, I am assuming that the one in front of the bride is her wedding bouquet.

I have more Chicago wedding photographs to share in the weeks to come and two more from Polonia Studio in particular.


  1. great collections of photos :)
    Thanks for the share.

  2. Lovely old photo! A different pose..but it work to show off that train:)


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