Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashionable Friday - 1860's Trenton, NJ Woman

Another CDV photo from my Trenton, NJ photo album - this one shows a lovely 1860's woman posing with her hand on a chair.  She is wearing a lovely dress that appears to possibly be made of satin or a similar material.  Once again there is no identification or exact date on this subject.   It's hard to tell from this view, but her cheeks are tinted red in this photograph.

Her dress is quite lovely, simple yet the small details make it exquisite.  Note the dark trim that defines her small waist.  This trim is continued on her upper sleeves.  The lower sleeves are quite interesting and are pulled back with some type of decoration and showcase elaborate lace underneath.  Her hair is dressed in the very typical 1860's style, parted in the middle and pulled back in what I would guess is a snood.  she is not wearing any jewelry that I can see.  As I stated before, simple but lovely as is the lady.

The photographer is C. Duval, Photographic Chemist, 29 1/2 East State Street.  According to Gary Saretzky at Duval had his studio in Trenton around 1863.  Due to the border around the photo I suspect this to have been taken around 1863- 1864.

The hand-colored steel fashion plate below is from the 1862 April issue of Peterson's Magazine and although not an exact match to our subject's dress, gives you a sense of the style of her dress.

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  1. I agree -- lovely lady. I can see her in the manor house of a small plantation.


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