Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Women with Hats - Girl from Anamosa, IA

This photograph of an unidentified young woman from Anamosa, IA has many great details that make it a favorite of mine.   At first I thought she was wearing a boater hat, but after closer inspection I realize it is made of velvet that matches her dress and is rimmed with some sort of intricate beading.  The top appears to be covered by fabric or ribbons.  Her curly hair is pulled back into a bun at the base of her neck and if  you look very closely (I used a magnifying glass) you can see the netting that covers the bun. Her velvet dress has a lace neck and lace collar with the buttons covered in velvet as well.  She is also wearing pearl-drop earrings.

The cabinet card front is dark green which, although not quite rare, is not seen as much as the other colored cards.  I date this photo around 1885 to no later than 1892.  The photographer was C. E. Littlefield (Charles Ernest) of Anamosa. Charles was born 12 Nov 1853 in Warren County, PA to Enos and Catherine (Durlin) Littlefield.  He lived in Anamosa, IA between 1870 and 1895.  In the 1880 census at age 26 and still living with his parents he listed his occupation as "artist."  In 1881 he married Velina A. (unknown) Littlefield and they had eight children all born in Iowa. By 1900 they were living in Baldwin County, Alabama and in the 1910 census he listed his occupation as "artist and architect."  He died 26 Apr 1918 in Fairhope, AL.


  1. Her hat seems to fit well and comfortably, not just propped on top of her head. Beautiful clothes!

  2. I posted your link to Facebook "You know you grew up in Anamosa if you remember...". Who knows? Maybe somebody's grandmother!

  3. Thats my great great grandfather- the photographer!

    1. How exciting, do you have other photos taken by your gr gr grandfather? Thanks for stopping by!


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