Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sepia Saturday #129 - Dummy Can Serve the Tea

Once again I am late posting my Sepia Saturday entry.  I watched my grandsons most of the weekend so did not have time to work on this week's theme for Sepia Saturday.  I knew I had no good photographs having used my one and only a couple of weeks ago (see here).  As the boys were playing on my computer, I sat and thumbed through some vintage magazines I had picked up in antiques stores and just happened to see this article which I thought would be perfect for this week's post.  This particular article comes from the October 1935 Better Homes and Gardens issue and talks about  how a hostess can prepare for serving tea for an afternoon bridge game.

To read more tea-time stories go to Sepia Saturday.


  1. Ha -- what a funny title, but it's a perfect solution. In fact, when I've filled in at some bridge parties (I'm not in a club), the Dummy has assumed hostess duties, but I never really thought about that before.

  2. How cool that you have vintage magazines! They must be very fun and interesting.

  3. What a wonderful advert. However in these days of yea-bags you could make the tea while someone is shuffling the cards.

  4. I wonder whether afternoon bridge cum tea parties still happen.

  5. My mom and dad used to have bridge parties but they never served tea. It was always martinis. I remember because I used to go around after the guests left and sip from all the leftover goblets. It's amazing that I never became a drinker!


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