Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Stylish 1880's Couple

This portrait of a very handsome couple I believe to be their wedding portrait based on the flowers in her hair, the small corsage on her chest and his small boutonniere, as well as the fact that he appears to be wearing a long coat.  The photographer's mark on the back is not much help, S. A. Thomas, with no city listed.  I believe this picture to be dated 1875 - 1885.


  1. Wonderful old photo..her dress has a train..I have not seen this style dress with a train before. Yes it is a wedding photo! :)

    1. I noticed her train as well - I wonder if she removed that later so she could reuse her dress? Most likely.

  2. S. A. Thomas, 717 6th ave, New York (I googled s.a thomas "rembrandt effects").

  3. Thanks, guess I should have thought of using "rembrandt effects."


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