Monday, January 9, 2012

Military Monday - Unknown WW1 Soldier

These two small snapshots are of a WWI soldier who looks quite happy and proud.  The back of the pictures are marked in pencil "1917."  There is nothing else to identify him or the location.  The pictures each measure 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.  There is a large house in the background and by the foliage it appears to be summer or very early fall.  I don't know anything about WWI uniforms so have no idea what division of service he served in.


  1. Your post grabbed my attention because I am in the process of researching WWI uniforms. Oh, if he were only turned just a bit! His unit patch would be on his left shoulder. His hat could have been worn by either an officer or an enlisted man, so that doesn't help. He doesn't have any rank sewn on the uniform and it doesn't appear that he has rank or branch insignia on his collar, either. This could just mean that they took the photo before he had all of that! I have seen three uniforms that are known to belong to privates and they have no rank on my guess is he is a new private. Judging from the weather and the fact that we know it to be 1917 I would guess this was taken at the very beginning of U.S. involvement in the war...maybe spring 1917. I'm glad you shared this photo!

  2. Heather, thank you for insight - I would not have known any of that. You are probably right about him being a private and he looks like he was so eager to begin his enlistment. I have to wonder what ever happened to him. I can only wish he came home and lived a long and happy life!


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