Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Sioux City, Iowa Couple

This wedding photograph of a young couple from Sioux City, Iowa was taken by M. W. Starks of Genelli Studio located at 607 Fourth Street.  It was most likely taken between 1905 and 1910.  I found numerous city directory entries for M. W. Starks using starting around the late 1880's through 1910. In the earlier years, he called his business the Genelli Photographic Gallery; somewhere around 1904-05 he began calling it the Genelli Studio which would date this photo after 1904.  Interestingly enough, although I found a lot of Starks, I could not identify M. W. Starks in any census except one Iowa State Census, 1905.  

The couple in this picture are unidentified; the back of this large cabinet card is plain with no identifying marks.  This couple is very attractive and well dressed.  Both subjects are wearing white gloves, the bride's headdress and veil are quite lovely and I have seen others like it from this time frame. I also like the unusual pose with the bride seated and the groom standing behind her.  He looks happy, she looks somewhat pensive.

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