Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Seeing Double?

Here are two wedding pictures of what I thought was a cute couple from a foreign country that I have been meaning to post for quite a while.  I can't really read anything on the cards, but I believe the country they are from is Jglo Es Poprad - I am not sure where this is but I believe it is Poland.  These cabinet cards have gilded edges and are most likely dated between 1885 - 1895. The photographer "appears" to be Matz Gusztav, but once again I cannot read the card so I am not sure.   I was looking at them tonight and I suddenly realized they are not the same couple at all although they look close enough to possibly  be two sisters marrying two brothers! The women's dresses and headpieces are identical, the men suits are nearly the same except for a few slight differences.  Take an look and see what you think.


  1. The language on the back is Hungarian.

  2. Oh wow -- the women are both holding handkerchiefs and the hand-holding position is even similar. The men's hairlines are different, so I agree they're not the same couple. Spooky.

  3. They're gorgeous photos. That's so funny because, at first glance, I thought they were the same couple too. Although, looking at them again, they would probably have been a better fit (at least in terms of their heights) had the wives swapped their grooms.

  4. Perhaps the clothes were supplied by the photographer.

  5. fenykepeszeti muterme
    igló es poprad

    Staff photo studio
    Spišská Nová Ves and Poprad
    Szepeshely county

    Spišská Nová Ves = town in Slovakia (Hungarian name: Igló)
    Poprad = city in northern Slovakia

    It's indeed Hungarian. This area has been controlled by Hungarians, Germans, Poles and now Slovakians, very interesting!

    1. Thanks Rob, that's what is so great about having friends all over the world!!

  6. A neat find. I vote for two sisters, but not brothers. In a double engagement maybe? I like Gusztav's logo, too. Not like American or English styles.

  7. looks like two ladies named maria, and the different names for the husbands. I like the idea of the photographer having the clothes there for the subjects to borrow.


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