Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tintype Tuesday - Lovely 1875 Woman

This tintype of an unidentified woman in a plaid dress and lace neckline is most definitely from the 1870's.  She is sitting in and leaning on the arm of the typical 1870's fringed chair.  Her cheeks have been tinted pink, her hair is dark and curly,  and it's a little hard to see but she has what appears to be some kind of hair decoration with leaves and flowers.   On the back of the paper that covers the tin type there is written, "Monday, February 15, 1875."  Why oh why couldn't they have written her name?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe she wrote her own date. I've been guilty of dating a photo thinking, well I KNOW the people -- I won't forget them. It's hard to think people 100 years from now will wonder who is in the photo. But anyway, I'm glad you said she has flowers and leaves in her hair. When the photo first showed up, I thought she had grapes, but then I realized those are curls.


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