Monday, February 6, 2012

Military Monday - Five WWII Sailors on Leave?

This snapshot of five WWII sailors from the US Navy is dated 1945 - there is no location, but there are last names and ranks on the back.  Were they on leave or was this at the end of the war?  L-R , Mowery - CMOMM ( Chief Motor Machinists Mate), Goodrow - FIC (EM) (Fleet Intelligence Center Electricians Mate), Nugent - QMI/C (Quartermaster 1st Class, Busch - EM3C (Electicians Mate 3rd Class, and Bork? -EM2C (Electricians Mate 2nd Class.  I wish I knew more about them, but they seem very happy and appear to have been good wartime friends.


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