Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Boston Miss - Marian A. Tyler (Taylor)

Marian A. Tyler (Taylor) Aged 8

This beautiful little girl, Marian A. Tyler (or Taylor), aged 8 is so sweet - she has such lovely eyes. Note the gorgeous lace collar on her dress and the intricate locket around her neck. I believe this picture to be from the late 1800's. The photographer was A. F. Pepper, 1051 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.  

I looked at and there is a Marian A. Taylor born in April 1892 in Massachusetts to Elias and Addie Taylor.  She married William Lewis about 1907.  There was also an Marion A. Tyler (Taylor) born Dec 1895 in Massachusetts to Henry and Adra Taylor.  I suspect the first Marian to be a better bet.

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