Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sentimental Sunday - Did Great-Great-Grandma Dress Like This?

I guess it's just an offshoot of my years of genealogical research, but suddenly I find I'm obsessed with the fashions my ancestors wore.  Look at this sassy turn-of-the-century miss.  I believe this picture to be about 1900 give or take a couple of years either way.  I'm currently trying to educate myself on how to date old photographs and what an interesting subject that is!!  I look at this picture and have to wonder if any of my great-grandmothers dressed like this.  This S-bend silhouette came into fashion about 1900 and the look was created by wearing an S-curve corset that contracted the waist and tilted the bosom forward.  This photograph was taken by Estranders, Schenectady, New York and on the back it says "A Merry Christmas to Bertha from Minnie."  Well, you are looking very smart there Miss Minnie!

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