Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Women with Hats - Stylish Carbondale, PA Woman

I particularly like this cabinet photo of a woman from Carbondale, PA not just because it's more uncommon to see people in formal photographs wearing outerwear, but because I love the back of the photo.  This woman, who was most likely photographed in the 1880's, is wearing a very fitted coat, most likely wool, with what appears to be velvet trim at the edges of the sleeves, on the pockets and down the front placket.  There is also some sort of decorative clasp at the neck.  She is most probably wearing her hair in a bun under her hat which appears to be made of velvet and feathers.  Very stylish!

The back of the card is quite entertaining with birds and a little frog riding an old-fashioned bicycle across the bottom.  I had no luck finding any information on the photographer, Cramer who was located at 312 Main St. in Carbondale.

1 comment:

  1. So many details to see in this woman's outfit. I wonder what color her coat was? The birds on the back of the photo along with the frog on the bike add a lot to the photographer's stamp. The birds being perched at the top is too cute!


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